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Name: ECG Machine ZT-60

Size: ZT-60


7 inch 480*680 color graphic LCD display.

*Three Channel ECG machine with interpretation

*12-Lead ECG simultaneous acquisition

*Multiple Operation models: Manual/Auto/Rhythm analysis

*80mm*20m 3-channel recording with a rhythm lead

*Digital filters eliminating EMG, AC, Baseline Drift interference

*Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

*110-240,50/60Hz AC power supply.

*250 patient reports save/replay(external SD card store 1000 reports)

*Frequency Response up to 150HZ

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Product Details:

*800*480 7 inch touchscreen LCD display ECG waveform

*12 leads, Standard or Cabrera, 12 leads simultaneously acquisition

*Automatic, manual, single channel 60s compressed record, Rhythm analysis

R-R histogram and trend chart

*110mm*20m roll type or Z-fold thermal paper

*250 reports in built-in memory, support external SD card

*12.6V 1500mA Li-poly rechargeable battery pack (DC)

*6 channel recording with a rhythm lead

*Protect from defibrillation and pace-making

*Built-in USB/RS232 Interface

*Image freeze with memory scrolling for reviewing and hard copy of the required singals

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