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Name: Vet Portable High Frequency digital X-ray BX-1V

Size: BX-1V


Vet Portable High Frequency digital X-ray


1. Integrated with high frequency and high voltage generator, main control system, intelligent computer system, numeric display and beam limited device, it is designed and manufactured precisely and compactly, more flexibly and widely used.

2. Using the technique of inverse converter for HF and computer-controlled losed-loop adjusting System, stable high voltage output is generated and high-quality images can be obtained.

3. Using the buttons of KV and mAs to adjust the photographic parameters, display them on high brightness LEDs, interlock protection conditions is determined by software, which is convenient for doctors to operate.

4. X-ray Tube is placed in lead cylinder which can effectively shield the gamma leakage and protect environment and operators.

5. 20 radiographic conditions are preset and can be customized according to user’s Requirements.

6. Photography Time is controlled precisely by computer, host will automatically delay 10 seconds at the end of photography which can effectively control photography interval, avoid overloading and achieve automatic protection.

7. Hand-controlled and remote-controlled photography function. Using computer to monitor fault sources, the computer will cut all outputs, display fault code and identify the fault reasons if a fault appears.

8. Suitable for all kinds of cassettes.

2. Structural performance:

1. Radiography can be launched after X-ray apparatus is suspended on the frame.

2. The fuselage of Xray apparatus is suspended on the frame can rotate left and right at larger than or equal to ±90°, Xray tube head can rotate at 90°which is easy to project in different angles. The arm can move up and down, has Servo-balance and lock-up device.

3. The fuselage of X-ray apparatus weighs 19Kg, is more convenient to carry. The frame weighs 23 Kg, Can be quickly moved to injured animals and launch diagnosis and treatment.

4. The frame can be disassembled and folded quickly, then putted into trunk, which can make out call more convenient.

5. Providing great convenience for animal diagnosis and treatment. Cooperating with beds, it is more suitable for animal hospitals.

6. Applications: animal hospital, equestrian club, animal quarantine, animal and veterinary, animal laboratory.

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Product Details:

Technical Specifications





Max. photograph tubevoltage


Max. photograph tubecurrent


Exposal time

0.008s 3.33s

MAS scope

0.5mAs 160mAs with 46 alternations

Voltage scope:

40~90kV KV with 26 alternations

Main frequency


Max. light field

≤35CMX35CM @65CM SID

Min. light field


Focus size



220V ± 10% single phase alternating

current with the frequency of 50Hz ± 1Hz


≤ 1.0 Ω

Power capability


Electricity protection type

Class I, Type B


18.6 kg

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