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Name: BETTER B/W Scanner A4

Size: A4



A4 is the all-digital ultrasound technology platform unique and perfect in design bringing highdefinition

images simultaneously to greatly enhance the lightweight facial characteristics of the

system. It can permit operations and clinical diagnostic ultrasound tests so that doctors can work

to bring new data to the patient and more special probe configurations allow the system to use

multiple departments in mobile checkups with ease.

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Product Details:

Advanced Technology:

1. Speckle noise reject technology: Select different options depending on the different characteristics of different

tissues, speckle and noise reduction can improve the imaging quality.

2.Ultra-wideband beamformer

3.Trapezoid Imaging,Compound imaging

4.AIO(Automatic Image optimization)

5.Application:Abdomen,OB&GYN,Urology,Blood vessel,Small Organ, Pediatric,Musculoskeletal,Basic Cardiac

6.Built-in 32GB SSD for fast and more reliable data storage

7. Removable lithium-ion battery support 3 hours of active operation

8.12" HD LCD display

9.Unique 9.7" Full Touch user-friendly & gesture-control interface

10.High class aluminum magnesium alloy molding to improve durability

Optional Probes:

3ACR60 Convex probe 2-5Mhz

3AMCR11 Micro-convex probe 4-9Mhz

3AMCR20 Micro-convex probe 2-5Mhz

3AL25 Linear probe 6-15Mhz

3AL40 Linear probe 5-12Mhz

3AMCVR10 Transvaginal probe 5-8Mhz

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