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Name: BETTER B/W Scanner A7

Size: A7



-Pretty and light      

-15 inch LCD screen      

-Full digital imaging technology, crystal-clear Image

-Broadband multi-frequency probes

-2 probe connector        

-Silica gel backlight gravure laser keyboard

-ARM system powerful function, include report, can work with laser printer

-Built-in battery(can work more than 3 hours)

-High Cost-effective      

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Product Details:


-Image mode: B,M,2B,B/M,4B                        

-Gray scale: 256 gray, and pseudo color

-Display: 15”LCD monitor                                

-Transducer frequency: 2-11Mhz

-Digital technology: Wide-angle imaging, Panoramic focusing technology, Rolling M technology

-Scanning depth: 300mm

-Imaging Pre-processing: Cloud processing technology, 8-segment TGC, Gain(B&W), Dynamic range, Persistence, M Soften, Noise suppression

-Imaging Post-processing: Image enhancement, Gray Map, Colorize Map, Tissue Specific Imaging, Left/right reverse, Up/down reverse

-Cine-loop: 334 frame cine loop memory

-Zoom: Pan zoom                                            

-THI: Tissue Harmonic Imaging


-Store: built-in 8G memory

-Communication: DICOM 3.0                          

-Print: by video printer, or by laser printer

-Report edit function

-Measurement & Calculations:

B mode: Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length, distance ratio

M mode: Distance, time, slope, HR

Software packages: Abdomen, OB, gynecology, small Part

-Transducer connector: 2

-Peripheral ports: 1 BNC video port, 2 USB ports, 1 networking-port, 1 power inlet port

-Power supply to power adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ <80va.<>

-Built-in battery: work 3 hours

-Overall size: 362mm×340mm×60mm                

-Total weight: 4Kg(with battery)

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