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Name: Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner -V5+

Size: V5+


Main Features:

· The ear-tag can be read and write intelligently

· All data of ultrasonic diagnosis can be recorded,

 analysis and arranged in accordance with the ear-tag

· It is designed in innovation and practical application.

 Anyone can learn it within 1 minute and never forget it.

· There are 15 gears for selection of the image quality.

· TF card and USB2.0 to ensure the high-speed transferring between scanner and PC.

· Its high integrated design to ensure the machine in stable, reliable and  simple assemble.

· First using color electric user manual in the machine in the world.

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Product Details:

The role of back fat detection:

· If the swine is too fat, less reproductive performance, waste feed, increase farm costs;

· Too less back fat, will drop the utilization years;

· sow too fat, more heat intolerance, heart, lung, limb hoof overburdened, hormone imbalances,easy to have a series problems;

· If the swine is too thin, it used too much body storage,bad for multiplication;

· Pregnant pig too fat, also easily lead to stillbirth, or even sow death;

· Keep a good balance of the back fat will keep the swine performance remained at a high level.

Standard Configuration
Main Unit
3.5/5.0MHz RFID
rmal mechanical sector Probe with negative pressure controlling
Rechargeable battery
Rubber Protector
TF card (8GB)
TF card reader
Wrist belt
Neck belt
Ultrasonic gel
AC- adaptor
All above will be placed in a metallic box.

1.   2.5/3.5/5.0MHz RFID 7-level waterproof Probe (mechanical)
2.   2.5/3.5/5.0MHz 7-level waterproof Probe (mechanical)
3.   2.5/3.5/5.0MHz 3-level waterproof Probe (mechanical)

4.   Rechargeable Li-battery

5.   TF card and its reader

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