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Name: Sonoscape Color Doppler X5

Size: X5


Imaging Enhancement

The new platform provides users with a more efficient scanning process, due to its improved imaging capabilities and easy to use enhancement technologies. Quickly giving an accurate diagnosisfor an overall increased workflow.

Multi-beam processing technology

  • Spatial compound imaging

  • μ-Scan image processing technology

  • Pulse inversion harmonic imaging


15.6 inch wide range folding angle and wide viewing angle high definition monitor

  • Extended connector to 3 probes

  • Quick boot up time

  • Built-in battery support 3 hours continuous scanning

  • Integrated trolley with height adjustment

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection

User Friendly

  • One Button automatic optimization

  • Large image display region

  • Anti-reflective screen and auto brightness adjustment

  • User-defined Operations

Extensive Applications

Crystal clear imaging quality with professional transducers makes X5 ideal for various applications.

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