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Name: Portable Surgery Diode Laser Systems - GBOX15B

Size: GBOX15B


The new Gbox portable surgery diode laser system from GIGAA is the best value on the market today. Small size body case with 15W power, this mini surgery laser

system has 810nm and 980nm dual-wavelengths, 810nm/980nm with pilot beam 300mW for choice, it can be used in the continuous as well as pulsed mode

with a contact or non-contact handpiece.

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Product Details:

Compact design makes it small in size and light in weight, easy to transport;

  • Big color touch screen, Encoder knob dual operation;

  • Highly integrated and modular design;

  • New design inside to make maintenance easy and low cost;

  • Advanced software with presetting protocols to be manually customized by operator;

  • Built-in power meter can test the power in the software by user;

  • Output power calibration at the end of fiber to make the maintenance easy and low cost;

  • Adopt air cooling system guarantee stable performance and long life time.

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