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Name: Mobile Bathing Machine BM-1

Size: BM-1


In view of the problem of personal health care for many disabled and elderly people who cannot take care of themselves, we have developed and improved movable bathing machines. As a movablebathing device, the patient who is seriously paralyzed can finish bathing on the bed, even suffer from the bedsore, you just clean the diseased parts so that alleviate the pain of patients. The use of bathing machine is a major reform in nursing homes and hospitals, and is a manifestation of humanity.

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Product Details:

1. Stainless steel inner barrel, good oxidation resistance, long service life.

2. Origin setting is 37~40°C, when more than 41°C, it will automatically alarm and stop heating.

3. Once any line is abnormal, the power is cut off instantaneously to make sure that the bath is safe and easy to enjoy.

4. When showering, the heating function is not activated; When heating, bath function is not activated.

5. When the water level is below the minimum water level, the machine will automatically alarm and prevent to heating.

6. From Strong to weak power conversion: Heating voltage 220V; Bath voltage 24V

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